Where are the consumer friendly loans?

Banks are delaying the launch of Central Bank-rated housing loans, although these innovations were announced last fall. But there is no cause for concern, these products need to be introduced soon, and in the meantime, there are a number of very favorable loans.

Fast, simple, with a maximum interest rate premium


Last year, for the first time, the state signaled to the banking industry and the public that it would encourage the development of cheaper, easier-to-access housing loans for the general public. The goal is clear: get more people home without having to settle their debts without problems, such as financial catastrophes like stale foreign currency loans.

On June 23, for the first time, the so-called Qualified Home Loans that were listed in the Central Bank’s Terms and Conditions were published, at which time a bank, FHB, could introduce two loans that had been certified.

Their own versions to conquer customers


Since then, other financial institutions have not come up with their own versions to conquer customers. Earlier, for example, Good Finance Bank indicated that it would apply for a qualified loan from the beginning of June, but it has not yet been launched.

According to experts, financial institutions are currently watching for consumer-friendly credit that has already been released, but are expected to appear with their own competitive offer.

The main reason for this is that potential customers are probably waiting for new offers. In the summer, many people get a little ‘breath’, and away from the daily rush, they have the opportunity to better search through credit terms.

Evaluate the loans granted

Evaluate the loans granted

Of course, it is possible that the requirements could not be met at all points in the first round of applications, so their development is still ongoing. Many of these home loans will probably be available by the fall.

In the meantime, we can find extremely favorable deals on the market. It is worth running your loans in parallel with LTP – not necessarily contracting with the same bank – as home savings can be used for this purpose.